Academic Research Projects

Current (research in progress)

Accessing African-centered cultural programs for incarcerated communities in England, Principal investigator, 2022-23

A collaborative project funded by Prairie View A&M RISE undergraduate program. I am working with an undergraduate student to input and analyse data relating to the dissemination of research and training to support incarcerated Black British community members and the provision of workshops for Black History Month (2007-2021).

Understanding the influence of older offenders on adolescent involvement in crime (UK & US), Principal investigator, 2022-23

The UK phase of this project is currently under way. It seeks to understand offenders’ crime narratives to understand their roles and emotions when offending with older people as an adolescent. The aim of this research is to understand the most appropriate support and interventions to prevent child criminal exploitation.

The impact of cultural identity and perceptions of racism on police legitimacy in a sample of African American students (US), Principal investigator, 2022-23

Understanding the impact of cultural identity and perceptions of racism on African American student attitudes to police legitimacy and community policing.  

Co-investigators Dr Robin Jackson (PVAMU), Dr Kristan Russell (National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges), Dr Julian Scott (Texas Southern University).

Differentiating firearm incidents and perpetrators in K-12 schools, Principal investigator, 2022-23

Working in collaboration with a PVAMU postgraduate student and police officer. Using existing data from 1970 to the present day, this project explores the background to all reported firearm incidents impacting on K-12 schools in the US. The research includes mass shootings but incorporates all types of firearm discharge with a view to prevention. 

Current (writing up)

Understanding the relationship between life course psychosocial traits and officer discretion, Principal investigator, 2021

In partnership with a LE agency, this project compared the responses of military veterans and non-veteran law enforcement officers to the use of discretion.

An exploratory study of cyberbullying and cyberstalking in an academic context, Co-investigator, 2020-21 

In collaboration with principal investigator Dr Anna Bussu, Edge Hill University and with co-investigator Dr Manela Pulina, University of Sassari Sardinia. This research explored student and staff experiences of cyberstalking and bullying, with a view to prevention and victim support.  

Completed (selected)

Understanding the roles and emotions of co-offending adolescents, Principal investigator, 2018-19

In collaboration with Dr Anna Bussu, Edge Hill University, Dr Maria Ioannou, University of Huddersfield, and Dr Laura Hammond, Birmingham City University. An analysis of the narrative roles and emotions of young people who co-offend. Funded by Edge Hill University.  

Prison Equalities (Diversity & Inclusion), Principal investigator, 2016-21

Qualitative interviews, questionnaire design, and analysis of data. Outputs: development of an equalities training workshop for staff and prisoners; reporting to the Head of Equalities and Equalities Action Team.  

Accessing Black history and cultural heritage in prisons, Principal investigator, 2014-15

This grant was awarded by the University of Cambridge to enable further dissemination of the research undertaken for my MPhil in Criminological Research and during the AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship. Outputs included: 44 workshops on Black history and culture attended by 134 members of prison staff and 494 prisoners in 8 Prisons; the development and evaluation of a Black Cultural Awareness course for prison staff and prisoners at a category C prison in the South East of England; a review of the Equalities procedures at HMP Ranby and the implementation of recommendations.

Egyptology in prisons, Principal investigator in partnership with HM Prisons Manchester and Edmunds Hill, 2007-2009

The fellowship involved working with prison education departments to produce African-centred resources for prisoners and staff. Research included: qualitative interviews on prisoner expectations for Black History Month; evaluation of class-room based teaching; evaluation of wing-based classes for vulnerable and high-risk prisoners. Outputs included: prisoner-led virtual resources; a prison magazine; a wing-based exhibition. Research was disseminated through reports and presentations. Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with additional funding from Lankelly Chase Trust and the J.P. Getty Trust. 

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