New book- Pathways to Adolescent Violent Male Offending

It has been a while (too long) since I last posted on the blog. I’ve been busy. Moving from the UK to start a new academic position as a research scientist in Texas. Completing research projects that were delayed by the pandemic. Writing a book. This is short post to announce that the book is in press and will be published by Routledge in the Spring of 2023.


This book differentiates between categories of adolescent male offending and explores the behavioural and social profiles of those who become involved in violent offending and organized crime.

Using self-reported and arrest data, the book examines key stages of male adolescent offending with a view to early recognition of behaviours that leave young men vulnerable to criminal exploitation and the escalation of violence. It also explains the importance of understanding crime motivations, how young men view themselves when they offend, and the emotions that they experience. Rather than looking at violent offending as a single category of behavior, the book helps readers differentiate between types of adolescent violence and to understand the underlying psychological and social causes. It offers an insight into the journey of young people who are criminally exploited and those who become involved in committing acts of serious violence and organized crime. It does so by using data from official records, self-reported offending, and the narratives of young people. Each chapter focuses on a particular stage of offending with a view to early identification, support, and diversion.

Intended audiences

The book is written for students of psychology, criminology, child and adolescent development, policing, probation. It is also intended to inform practitioners and professionals who work with vulnerable children and adolescents. It offers practical insights into prevention, offending behavioral programs, and interventions with a focus on understanding the impact of trauma and criminal exploitation.

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